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    I think Mid-Autumn Day is an old traditional festival in China. Everybody likes it because its a family get-together. You see it is calledMid-Autumn Day, so it often comes in September or October. It is on the 15th of the 8th of the lunar month. Now, lets say something about this interesting festival.

    Firstly, Id like to say something about the moon. I like it very much because I want to be an astronaut in the future. That day the moon is round, big, just like a beautiful plate hanging on the blue cloth. When I see the moon, I will remember the ancient mythsthe godess Chang Er and her little rabbit are playing under the tree which Wu Gang grows. I will also think about Armstrongs first moonwalk. I will also miss the friends in Tai-wan island, in Macao and Chinese people who are abroad. I know they are missing us very much, too.

    Secondly, I11 say something about the tradition on Mid-Autumn Day. Look!Theres a big tree in a garden of a Chinese fami-ly. All the family members are sitting around a big table under the tree in the open air. They are eating the mooncakes and admiring the full moon in the sky. That is a family reunion dinner. The mooncakes and the moon represent the love from a family. I think this is one of the most valuable things in the world.

    Thirdly范文文凭制作,it is a very good opportunity to make three wishes on Mid-Autumn Day. My wishes are: the first, I, an astronaut in the future, would like to go to the moon one day, and stay with the sky and stars; the second, I hope every person in the world will stay with family, share love from the family forever; the third, I hope everybodys dream will come true.

    the in 文凭制作 挫折作文 关于风的作文 晋江文学城作者
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