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    Yesterday my mother asked me a question, which makes me a Joji monk - scratching their heads. She asked what I want New Year‘s Day gift, I said: I want to eat a lot of good food. Mom heard shook his head and says: I did not that necessary, you change one. I Yanzhuyizhuan, said: I want to go out Play. my mother said: I do not have time, and so have time to talk. Then I also mentioned several wishes, mother did not agree. Toss this one night, thought of going to school the next day but also had to stop there either. So I harbored an uneasy feeling to sleep.

    Today, math teacher took a card into the classroom, I think: Who is it? Who will do it good luck card before? Read to the teacher suddenly pondered: Baby Zhang Qi won to your greeting cards. I was very surprised, I thought of classmates were just not thought of himself, I harbored doubts take over the card carefully and remembered feelings above the words Happy Baby Zhang Qi children a happy festival! in the new year to study progress. Your father, mother. Although only a short sentence I read a long time, when I really feel blessed, there is such love my mom and dad, and I‘m proud to have such parents. What I would like to precious a gift than this do? Here, I sincerely thank my parents, thank them for sending me such a simple and valuable gift.

    the 粗心的我作文 三年级作文补习 科幻小说作文
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