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  • 迎接春节英语作文
    发布时间:2020-09-26 18:17




    The Spring Festival is the lunar Suishou, is the most solemn year, the grand traditional festival, the festival is my most love.

    I like the Spring Festival, because the Spring Festival is red. At home, we will be in the windows on the bright red exquisite vivid red grilles, true to life, let the home window, filled with a deep sense of jubilation; on the door, we will be on the side of the door put red couplets, a red "Fu" is in the middle of the door upside down, others say blessing down (to)!" Everyone is happy. In the street, every family is decorated, red lanterns hanging in front of the store, said the new year Caiyuanguangjin; lamp hanging on the red China knot, said the new year good luck; after setting off firecrackers, scattered on the ground, from afar, like laying on the floor the red carpet, said the new a year of good luck; people wearing red clothes, put a picture filled with smile face shone ruddy, said the new year happy.

    I like the Spring Festival, because the Spring Festival is full. The first is to enrich my stomach, on the eve of the elders, can do all kinds of attractive delicacy, meaning the May there be surpluses every year. steamed fish, meaning the booming oil and pour chili, have no worries about food and clothing of the meaning and meaning spareribs with brown sauce, Caiyuanguangjin pumpkin stew...... All the dishes with full color and fragrance make my stomach open and my stomach is round and rolling. My wallet will also become more and more fulfilling in these days. Our children will be happy to say some auspicious words to our elders, then the elders will give us a new year's bag to wish us health and happiness. The happiest thing for the children is to get the old bag and sneak into the room and count the money in a piece of money.

    I like the Spring Festival, because the Spring Festival is busy. The people in the kitchen "on the chopping block hakuna Matata, chopping sound, the ingredients in the pot and stir fry a couture La couture. Sound; kids cry in the living room, old people say that laughter is full of cheerful melody, as one falls, another rises, bursting with happiness. The TV shows the Spring Festival Gala, and the host yelled "5,4,3,2..." with an exciting voice. That voice did not fall, the world around us has been submerged in the crackling sound of firecrackers, fireworks in the sky frequently open, some like the pretty woman, some like Bing jade lotus, as well as the tiny spots of diamonds, the night, the whole world is boiling!

    Happy new year and New Year! I will sow the seeds of hope for a new start at this special festival!


    On New Year's Eve, it was an early preparation for me and my brother and sister. In the evening, our whole family together to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve livelily, haven't finished, my brother and sister rushed downstairs fireworks.

    As soon as we came downstairs, we looked for an empty space. Big brother lit a fire, only to hear "bang", a cluster of red fireworks to fly the sky, issued a "pit, pit" sound. With the sound of fireworks, fireworks form a riot of colours in the sky, suddenly falling, like some like the stars that The heavenly maids scatter blossoms.; scattered in the air, like the meteor. After a long time, the fireworks were finished.

    I and my brother and sister started a variety of small fireworks. Some of the small fireworks are called "cherry blossoms", some are called "butterfly flowers", and others are called "magic sticks". "Butterfly flower" will be put out to spin, my sister and I have a little fear and dare not put it. My sister and I like to put "magic sticks" and "cherry blossoms". The sister put the "magic stick" on the grass, in the hole in the stone. A "magic wand" point of the lead, constantly issued a "Chi, Chi Chi," the voice of. With the noise, many small stars fell. I also learned the appearance of my sister, put the "magic stick" on the grass, and shook the "Cherry Blossom" in his hand.

    These colourful fireworks are beautifully decorated on the eve of the night. Small fireworks, like small stars and small sparks, dance together to welcome the coming of the new year.


    Today, the sun is shining, from the annual traditional festival - the Spring Festival is still a week. I get up early in the morning, because my dad took me out today to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival.

    My father and I came to the mall, the shopping mall, the sea of people, bustling. The goods inside are dazzling and various, and I can see my dazzling. Buy special purchases for the Spring Festival people in a continuous line, all people are bursting with happiness and freshness. The Spring Festival is a day for adults, it is our children's festival, the mall children's toys, books, stationery counter was crowded with many little friends, very lively, the children to the wave of another wave, bought his favorite toy, leaving a cheerful laughter.

    My father and I bought new clothes, shoes and my favorite toy, happily walked out of the shop on the street, Malone street, the color is colorful than usual a lot, various people have, people shuttling between the major supermarkets, on the faces of the spring festival celebration. My father and I drove back to the home, today the purchase of special purchases for the Spring Festival to tell my mother what one sees and hears jubilant listening,

    Before the Spring Festival, every household was brightly lit at night, and the house was cleaned in a unique way. To buy special purchases for the Spring Festival stacked together, used to entertain relatives and friends. As a little friend, I like the Spring Festival the most, I hope that every day can be as lively and fun as the Spring Festival.

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